Our Business

We offer a range of artistic services to our clients, from entertaining for private parties at local restaurants to elegant seasonal dances on stage and performances of Tea Ceremony.  Our artists can provide both ambiance and elegance; we can give that perfect final touch to themed social gatherings.  We have performed with local authors and artists, at local area schools and conventions, as well as demonstrations of the traditional arts and lectures about the history of women performers in Japan.

- Traditional dance in the Kyo-mai (or Kyoto) style for private parties
- Traditional entertainment (games, music and storytelling)
- The art of Tea Ceremony (may cost extra due to supplies and equipment)
- Educational lectures - each of our artists has studied the traditions and history of Japan, with emphasis on the history of the Geisha. We enjoy speaking about our experiences and the long tradition of living art we are trying to reenact here in America

How to schedule a performance:

Our artists can be booked in one hour blocks of time by calling or emailing our Manager, Hasume-san.  All appearances must be booked in advance a minimum of 3 to 4 weeks.  A performing artists' time is very precious and a lot of preparation goes into a Maiko- or Geiko-Henshin performance.  Cancellations within 48 hours of the event will be billed for the full amount of the time booked. All events will be invoiced and paid for in advance of the performance unless otherwise arranged.
Performers are available for booking from 11:00am to11:00pm each day. A henshin performer must spend several hours in makeup, hair and dressing prior to leaving for an assignment so our artists are in effect 'performing' the minute they walk out the Three Rivers Okiya door to meet our clients. Thus, extended travel time to their appointments is traditionally calculated into the fees billed to our clients.

All performances must be held in public venues such as a Japanese themed wedding, tea house, reception/banquet hall, restaurant etc. with the prior approval of the Okiya's managing director.

For more information please call feel free to contact us.
By US telephone: (314)630-0457
Or email our office: ThreeRiversOkiya@gmail.com

For our protection: We offer atmosphere, polite conversation, elegance and public companionship, that is all; no private companionship is offered by any of our artists.We are not an escort service. 

The Okiya reserves the right to refuse services to any venue or person(s) deemed by us to be inappropriate or unsafe. At all times our staff will be under a strict curfew of 12:00pm, and will be accompanied to and from performances. An extra fee may apply for transportation under certain conditions. Likewise, extenuating circumstances such as the weather which cause cancellations may waive the cancellation fees.

Disclaimer: We wish to state that we are aware that we are not "true Geisha and Maiko" and have not passed the rigorous training and certification that the real artists   in Japan go through. We are amateur performers and are not acknowledged or sanctioned by the Okiya of Japan or licensed as they are by the Japanese Government.