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Dedicated to bringing traditional 
Japanese entertainment and elegant 
Ambiance to a modern American audience 

Inaugurated in 2010, the Three Rivers Okiya (called 三つ川 置屋, or Mitsugawa Okiya) is a collective of young American women who have dedicated their time to honoring and learning some of the traditional arts of Japan. The name of our acting troupe reflects our commitment to promoting traditional Japanese arts and culture. We seek to emulate and educate in the manner of the original troupe of Geisha and their apprentices that were brought from Japan to America for the World's Fair of 1904 hosted here in St. Louis, less than two miles from where our modern practice area is located. We seek to learn these arts to enrich our lives and provide light entertainment at social functions in the Midwest.

Our true goal in re-enacting both the manner of dress and art forms of the Geisha is to promote in America a better understanding and appreciation of the hard working, talented Japanese men and women who still live their lives by these arts. They are truly all national treasures: living embodiments of grace and art and beauty. We strongly urge everyone who has the opportunity to travel to Japan to take time to see them perform in person. It is only through the support of individuals who patronize these art forms that they are able to survive.

We are proud to announce the Misedashi of Sumika-san and the Erikae of Umeka-san happening in October.  For details and updates for Fall 2015 see our calendar page.

Disclaimer: We wish to state that we are aware that we are not "true Geisha and Maiko" and have not passed the rigorous training and certification that the real artists in Japan go through. We are amateur performers and are not acknowledged or sanctioned by the Okiya of Japan or licensed as they are by the Japanese Government.